Electives CLI

Electives Colegio La Inmaculada

At Colegio la Inmaculada, we are interested in the comprehensive development of our students in terms of 21st century skills and competencie

Electives Colegio La Inmaculada

  1. For this reason, apart from providing academic components, we also have spaces dedicated to electives during playful days.

The electives allow a complex approach to the problems that they usually face in daily life and they have an impact on the comprehensive education of students and favor collaborative learning.

We start from the postulates of multiple intelligences proposed by the psychologist and pedagogue Howard Gardner (1998) who indicates that there are 8 types of intelligence: Linguistic, spatial, musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic, corporeal and logical-mathematical, we also associate the ages and interests of our students, taking into account the skills of the teaching team, in this way we build the spaces that open term after term.

During the second term of 2022 we offer the following electives; for HIGH it corresponds from 8th to 11th grade: Gastronomy that strengthens interpersonal and visual-spatial intelligence; Table tennis and volleyball that strengthen bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence, then in the Senior section from 3rd to 7th grades we offer Fashion Design that strengthens Interpersonal; Dances focuses on bodily Kinesthetics; Choir and flute that is linked to Music and Chess that addresses Logic-Mathematics, finally for our little ones from Pre-kindergarten to third grade who belong to the Junior section they enjoy Play & learn that focuses on Logical-Mathematical intelligence; Sports towards the Corporal and Dancing and playing to the body and music.

We managed to combine in the elective spaces the talents, interests and significant learning for life.

Authors:Teachers Judith Jiménez, Ingrid Mesa.
Acerca del Colegio La Inmaculada
Institución educativa de carácter mixto y católica, ubicada en un ambiente campestre del municipio de Chía, donde se forman con los demás y para los demás, en y para la investigación, en valores y con énfasis en inglés bajo un modelo B-Learning semi-personalizado. Cuenta con espacios electivos, de orientación escolar y participación en eventos académicos, deportivos y culturales.
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