IN SITU Art Festival: New Perspectives

IN SITU Art Festival: New Perspectives - Colegio La Colina Bogotá

IN SITU, an annual art event that takes place at Colegio La Colina, is organized by the Department of Arts. It was celebrated its 6th version on February 22, 2019, and it was the first time it happened in the new facilities at La Calera. Students from Transition (Pre-school), Second grade (Primary) and the Art elective class (High School), as well as parents from the Transition grade students, participated in two simultaneous art renditions at the terraces and the entrance road of the School.

IN SITU Art Festival: New Perspectives - Colegio La Colina Bogotá
IN SITU Art Festival: New Perspectives – Colegio La Colina Bogotá

At the terraces, more than a hundred artists collaborated in a massive creative intervention with natural materials: grass, stone, soil and sand. All of this aimed at of continuing with the land art perspective that has been a historic cornerstone of the festival originally created by former art teacher and artist Mauricio Vega. Many different ideas bombarded this huge canvas with mosaics, collages and patterns while parents and kids enjoyed working together.

On the entrance road, an impressive non-conventional art performance (happening) led by Second grade students permeated the air. Thus, the ice as the main source material was used by students to experiment with all of the ideas that came to their minds: paint the ice, sculpt it with awls, drag it up and down over the road, kick it, etc. Everything happened as a beautiful artistic and experimental performance inspired on the work of Belgian artist Francis Alÿs and his art experiences in Mexico.

Laughs, hugs and a lot of hard work invaded the space. Lorena Gutierrez (9A), Juan Pablo Azuero (9B) and Mauricio Díaz (school photographer) witnessed the experience through the lens of their cameras. At the end, this collaborative art work was filmed with an HD camera drone.

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